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Awesome Art

Can you imagine a social skills and enrichment group for kids that’s just plain fun?

Awesome Art is the class kids actually want to attend. Parents are happy to send them! This is the course you’ve always wanted for your school or organization.

Here’s what kids do in this class:
•    figure out how to solve problems creatively––how to do things in ways most people can’t imagine
•    make fabulous art pieces on their own and with a super-motivated, dynamic team of kids
•    learn fun and exciting new ways to communicate with their peers and build self confidence
•    pitch in and make a difference to the group

You can bring Awesome Art to your school, place of worship, or community center as an 8-week program. The one-hour classes are offered for upper and lower elementary grades. Enrollment is limited to eight children with a minimum of five per group.

For further information and to book your program, please call Kim Wallant, 561.352.4256.

Art As Action

Do you ever feel like your teen or preteen has taken off into a new phase that you’re just clueless about? You hear them speaking a language you don’t get, or maybe they’re not saying anything at all and you’re worried. You see them struggling to find their place among their peers in the exciting, but confusing, world that’s at their fingertips. There’s so much at stake for your teen, and yet, they’re so vulnerable. Their brains and bodies are growing rapidly as they ride the waves of tumultuous emotions, raging hormones, and thought processes that vary from rational to chaotic. With powerful messages coming at them from the media and their friends, pressures from school, and a need to be true to themselves, your teen has a lot on their plate. No wonder it’s so hard to connect with them!

You can step in and help your teen sort through some of the chaos and get a better idea of what’s going on in their own internal world by signing them up for Art As Action. They don’t need to have talent or even any particular interest in art. When they come to Art As Action, they learn to let go and be playful in a way that they can’t anywhere else. They can experiment with different media and use their intuition to express issues that are hard to put into words. Using art materials to explore their thoughts and feelings, your teen can gain insight and discover new, more empowering choices for handling some of life’s challenges. You’ll, also, be introduced to some of the tools that will help you better understand what your teen is going through and how you can best support them.

Call Kim Wallant, 561.351.4256, to schedule a complimentary 15-minute initial consultation.

Play For Change

If you have young children, you’ll take part alongside them in Play For Change, which uses the child’s natural language of play to deal with challenges and obstacles in their lives. You’ll gain skills in understanding their social, emotional, and behavioral struggles and will also see how you can open the door to their greater happiness and success.

Healthy Parents Group

In a relaxed environment, you will converse with other parents about conscious parenting for children with special needs and diverse family circumstances (divorce or family conflict, illness, grief or loss, behavioral issues, ADHD, autism spectrum challenges, family changes, birth of a sibling, moving, new school, and more). Gain insight and receive support for parenting your growing children with creativity and compassion.

Call Kim Wallant, 561.351.4256, for more information and to reserve your spot. Please leave a voicemail message with your contact information and I will be sure to get back to you, Monday to Friday, within 24 hours.


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