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Here are a few reviews from the many parents, teachers, and professionals who have seen the results of therapy with me:

“Kim has an incredible ability to create a sense of safety, fun, and vulnerability with the manner in which she works with children. My son was struggling during major life changes that led to behavioral challenges and emotional outbursts. He saw another therapist for some time, who was kind, however, she was not able to create an environment for him to express himself authentically. This led to a lack of cohesion and improvement at school and in the home. I also had to continually ask to be involved, as he was 5 years old and I felt it was important for his parents to be an integral part of his healing and wellness. It was not addressed in that manner, and when my family was introduced to Kim, that was one of my favorite aspects of her approach. She not only is able to see the family system as crucial, she was also a champion for my child, and our family during a very complex and intense time.

She is one of the few play therapists that are certified, and this is an important difference with other therapists who utilize play as a form of therapy. Her approach is humanistic, kind, compassionate, and solution focused. Kim provided me with concrete tools to utilize during challenging times, that worked immediately. She was also kind to us as parents and was not afraid to be upfront about how we can create a positive or less positive impact in his life. We love Kim, and my son made huge strides during the time he worked with her. If you are looking for someone who truly cares, and is incredibly skilled at what she does- Kim is a remarkable gem!”


“Ms. Kim has been a delight to work with. The children would glow with excitement when they would see her. The work that she did with my students was amazing. She is an excellent therapist. Ms. Kim is very professional and caring. She took the time to address all the concerns of the students and even coached the teachers when needed. Left everyone with a positive perspective. We need more therapists like her!”

Michelle Guenther, M.Ed. Early Childhood Education
Kindergarten Teacher at The Conservatory School@North Palm Beach

“Miss Kim has worked with several of my students as well as my son.  The students were always very excited when she showed up to pick them up.  I saw a noticeable difference when my students returned-they learned skills that helped them become successful.  Miss Kim rocks!”

E.C., Elementary school teacher

“Kim’s services were invaluable to many of the students we shared. She was able to provide a safe, stable, and calm framework that allowed the students to express themselves in ways they emotionally couldn’t. Through the process, they often discovered parts of themselves that allowed them to grow and blossom.”

Heather W., MS CCC-SLP

“I really appreciate the assistance you have given my son. I have been so thrilled about the progress my son has made thanks to his weekly sessions with you. You are a Godsend.”


“I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Kim Wallant while I was the school counselor at The Conservatory School @ North Palm Beach. Mrs. Wallant was able to build wonderful relationships with our students. I will always remember the look of joy on her student’s faces as they were walked to Mrs. Wallant’s playroom.”

Glenn Kramer
Certified School Counselor

“Ms. Kim is a genuine and devoted practitioner that I had the pleasure of working with. She dedicates each and every minute to the child to explore and learn about themselves. She is a champion of child growth and development, and an advocate for families. She cares and it shows!”

Wellness Professional

“We were so grateful for the work Kim did with our daughter. She was able to talk about her difficulties in an inviting environment which encouraged her to freely express herself.  Kim helped our daughter see how she fits into a complex world.  Kim not only helped make our daughter’s daily life better but ours as well.”


“It has been a pleasure having Miss Kim as my son’s play therapist. She has helped him in a variety of ways.What I love most about her work is she allowed him to be himself. She gave him the tools to express himself and explore the world around him.She did this with toys and creativity. My son enjoyed his online sessions with Miss Kim in the mist of COVID-19 because she encouraged him to love himself and spoke to him with integrity as she did her sessions.”

his mother

“Kim Wallant is a licensed play therapist whose ability to connect with the students is really apparent in simply observing her interactions with the students outside of the sessions. Kim is passionate and very professional, and is dedicated to student privacy and confidentiality. The students seem to enjoy their time in play therapy.”

School Counselor

“As a PE teacher I have had the privilege working alongside Kim with some of the same students. Each student was always excited to see her and eager to spend time with her. She is fun and interactive and genuinely connects with each student individually. I personally, as a teacher of the students she worked with, witnessed the positive effects in my own class time. Miss Kim is a gifted play therapist!”

Aubry B

About Kim:

My passion is to give kids opportunities to freely discover their creative and confident selves and to teach parents to guide and mentor their kids so they can enjoy happiness and peace at home and at school.

As a licensed Art Therapist and Play Therapist who has worked many years with children, I’m amazed at the magic that happens when children realize their unique brilliance. Kids who engage in creative play and art-making have fun while they grow, learn to identify and express their thoughts and feelings, and build self-confidence.

Some the results you can expect your child or teen to gain from their art and/or play sessions include:

  • better skills in coping with conflict and stress
  • see the impact of their words and actions on others
  • improved problem-solving skills
  • make wise choices
  • becoming more cooperative
  • having close relationships with family and peers

With True North Parent Coaching, I’ll teach you how to talk and interact with your children or teens so they’ll feel “seen” and “heard.” You’ll learn about using empathy and attunement to connect on a deep level with your children. Your guidance will not only win cooperation, it will give them the solid ground they need to be more successful at home, in school, and in the world.

I am available to answer your questions and provide support for you and your children. Call Kim Wallant, 561.351.4256, to schedule a complimentary 15-minute initial consultation.

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