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About Kim:

My passion is to give kids opportunities to freely discover their creative and confident selves. As a licensed Art Therapist and Play Therapist who has worked many years with children, I’m amazed at the magic that happens when children realize their unique brilliance. Kids in our Awesome Art classes have fun while they grow, learn to trust each other, and work as a team. Teens or preteens learn new ways of communicating¬† that are different and more effective than typical conversations in Art As Action. You, as parent or caregiver, can get support from other parents in the Healthy Parents Group, where you will learn to help your kids become more successful at home, in school, and in the world.

Ultimately, I’m an advocate for teaching parents and other adults to guide and mentor kids so that they can reach their optimal success as human beings. My soon to be released, “Parenting Made Ridiculously Simple: An Outside-the-Box, Brain-Based Guide to Helping Your Child Succeed,” gives you the tools and knowledge you need to establish the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted with your child or teen. You’ll see how you can use the skills of empathy and staying attuned to your child’s present state to implement parenting practices that assist your child in making wise choices and help them see¬† the impact of their words and actions on others.

I am available to answer your questions and provide support for you and your children. Call Kim Wallant, 561.351.4256, to schedule a complimentary 15-minute initial consultation.


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