Art Therapy & Coaching

Art therapy is for everyone, not just for children. Using your creative abilities––and no, you don’t need special skills or experience––you can overcome anxiety and depression, come to terms with grief or trauma, solve problems, and figure out how to become the person you truly want to be.

When you express yourself through art forms, you don’t need preconceived ideas or solutions. You can explore and experiment until you find your way. It’s a process of learning about yourself and your deepest needs, wishes and hopes. In this kind of journey, you don’t need to be adept at explaining yourself. In fact, sometimes words aren’t necessary. Here, you can plant a seed of hope and watch it grow. Words can come later on, after you’ve explored other avenues of expression. Or they might not come at all. Communication might simply be a silent understanding of the unique images or objects you’ve made.

At True North Creative Therapy, I’ll make sure you have access to a world of personal expression where what you make is only for yourself and for your healing.

My commitment to openness and acceptance sets the stage for you to experience unfettered freedom to explore what makes you who you are and what motivates you to change. We’ll put that nasty inner critic to the side––at least while you’re in your process––and ignore his or her useless criticism or righteousness about whether something is “pretty,” “ugly,” “good,” or “bad.” You’ll be able to do the work you need to do to recreate yourself in harmony with your values and dreams.

True North Creative Therapy gives you opportunities to open the door for yourself, or your teenage or preteen children, into a world where every person is capable of being the artist of their life.

For further information about how I can facilitate art therapy or art coaching sessions at your home, please contact Kim Wallant at (561) 351.4256 and leave a voicemail or text message. Or you can email me at: I’ll do my best to return your call within a day, during business hours.