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Instead of arguing with your kids, what if you could create the kind of relationship where you could communicate peacefully and work together to solve any conflicts or problems you come across?

If you’ve ever worried about how your child or teen behaves, or if you’re concerned about their moods, lack of self-control, or inability to get along with others, I can teach you tools that help you build a foundation for your child’s social and emotional learning.

Many parents don’t realize that their child’s success in life, their ability to have good relationships as adults, as well as their capacity to find happiness in healthy, productive ways, rather than in risk-taking behaviors and addictions, depends on the quality of their relationship with the parents.

My passion is to help parents see their children’s strengths, understand their emotional and cognitive development, and build their resiliency.

You and your child or teen learn to communicate and work together as a team. You’ll find out how to create an authentic connection that encourages your children to trust themselves, learn new skills, and open up with you. While you hone your ability to tune in to your child or teen, you also gain insight about setting limits and communicating values. You’ll see your child getting along better with others, improving communication skills,  gaining impulse control, and becoming more adept at making wise decisions and dealing with conflict.

I offer long distance support in my Empowered Parent Coaching in the form of half hour or one hour phone sessions. My commitment is to help you get to know your children in a new way that best serves your relationship, and to assist your children in discovering their strengths and finding their joy, self-confidence, and motivation.

Healthy Parents Group

In a relaxed environment, you will converse with other parents about conscious parenting for children with special needs and diverse family circumstances (divorce or family conflict, illness, grief or loss, behavioral issues, ADHD, autism spectrum challenges, family changes, birth of a sibling, moving, new school, and more). Gain insight and receive support for parenting your growing children with creativity and compassion.

Art As Action/Play For Change

You also have the option of consulting with me on an individual basis with Art As Action for teens and Play For Change for children, either at the studio or in the convenience of your home. Using your child’s natural language of play and art activities, you’ll learn to understand their feelings and reach a whole new level of connection. While you learn skills in communicating and setting limits with your child, your child practices using social and emotional power tools, and builds self-confidence, self-control, and self-motivation.


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